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6 Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Mar 19


Over the past several years, and specifically in 2020-21, small businesses have seen exponential growth. A lot of people are using home-based businesses including HVAC, plumbing SEO, and online services.


Although it may appear to be something meant for large companies, it can be used to help small businesses grow.


Here are some digital marketing strategies any business can use.


1. Streamline Your Website

Meta Description

If you look up your specific website you will be presented with the first few results. Apart from the website's title, what other information will be displayed? To give the user a brief description of the site, a meta description (also known as a title) should be provided under the title. Meta descriptions should be added on every page on your site to ensure they can attract traffic.


Load Speed

A loading speed that is more than 2 seconds is fast for the majority of people and could cause them to leave the site when it is finished loading. Slow loading speeds could be due to excessive code, JavaScript, unoptimized images, and large photos or videos. If you search for your website's address on Google or enter it into the address bar and it's taking too long to load, it could be due to issues with optimizing your website.


Complex and unorganized URLs can be problematic for the robots who determine what your website is about and when to display it for specific searches, and for users who are looking at potential search results. legitimate URLs that explain exactly what to expect to appear more trustworthy, making users more likely to click on them. The search engine robots also look out for any terms in your URLs they can index your site for.


2. The Alt-Text is a must!

If you manage an e-commerce site, odds are you are hosting lots of images. To make them searchable you need to include alt-text. This is simply a short line of descriptive text or keywords that make your image searchable.

For example, if you're selling soap, you can include the following alt-text with the image of a soap bar:

Organic handmade vanilla-scented soap


This allows search engines and browsers to discover the image when someone types in these keywords.

3. Add social sharing

Social media is everywhere nowadays. You may have social media accounts for your business, social sharing goes both ways. Your site visitors can easily share your content with their friends by including social media links. This could give your site increased traffic and also create a larger customer base.


4 . Collaborate with Like Minded Businesses

There could be collaboration opportunities that can be found depending on the company you manage. Influencer marketing can be a fantastic method to get your product and brand name noticed. If you provide a service, guest posting on a related blog or a YouTube video or speaking on a podcast can increase your visibility and traffic. Find organizations and businesses which could benefit from your partnership.


5. Create valuable content

People are looking for your services or products regardless of what they are. Making useful content about the products and services you offer gives you the opportunity to increase the amount of traffic to your website. The best content will naturally contain keywords that your prospective customers are looking for. It will lead people to your website if they are searching for blogs, articles or FAQs. This could lead to a new customer or even the possibility of a backlink or social sharing from a website. Keep in mind that you're responsible for the content. It must be original and well-researched. Your visitors will find it useful.

6. Find the assistance of an experienced professional

Businesses of any size are able to benefit from SEO expert services. A hvac specialist can assist those who run a small business. These experts can help to improve your website and add metadata, such as meta tags, meta descriptions and alt-text assist you in connecting with other websites for link building and even write custom content for your site. Look for SEO companies in my area that target entrepreneurs and small businesses. You can then compare their services and costs. Magnet marketing companies take into consideration the size of your business and provide only the services you can afford.


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